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The unarmed security industry has and continues to play a vital role in ensuring the safety of country’s infrastructure and economic well-being. The threat of terrorism has resulted in greater attention and focus on the much needed skills training to support this highly labour-intensive industry.


The ICISS can help security professionals by delivering high-impact training materials in Word and PP formats.

Employee security awareness programs you can trust.


It has never been more critical for organizations like yours to implement effective risk mitigation strategies, enhance security posture and protect information assets.


ICISS will provide very cost-effective training for employee security awareness programs to industrial and commercial organizations.


We have just the advanced security awareness training and education required to face today’s sophisticated threats

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Training offered by ICISSM

On line Certification Courses by ICISSM

With the membership of more than seven thousand working security and safety professionals from all over the world, the training conducted by its world renowned Master Trainers carries lot of respect and recognition in the fraternity.


The high-value training from ICISSM are imparted with specially designed training modules keeping in mind the Managements’ organizational objectives of the training to its security personnel and the individual’s objectives towards their training needs. The courses are so designed that they meet the requirements and aspirations of security personnel at various levels of leadership.


We offer following training modules to “professionalize the professionals”-


  • Foundation Course for security executives (at customer locations) - four days

  • Refresher Course for Security Executives (at customer locations) 

  • Refresher Course for Security Guards and Supervisors (at customer locations)


The training imparted by ICISSM will have discernible benefits:-


  • Provides in-depth subject knowledge.

  • Allows the learnings and ‘take homes’ to be incorporated in day-to-day professional work and discharge of duties with conviction and confidence.

  • Case studies encourage the application of new leanings to be applied on ground with modifications to specific needs.

  • Certification allows instant recognition in fraternity and by the peers. 

  • The enrolled personnel for above training are made members of ICISSM Google Group for one calendar year and are sent ICISSM monthly newsletters. 

Towards above goals, we are pleased to share with you our training details of various modules. As mentioned above, the training by Industry Leaders through ICISSM will upgrade knowledge and skills and instil self-confidence and pride in your security personnel and will boost their morale.

For more details on different modules and training syllabus, click below - 

Refresher Training for Security Executives

Refresher Training for Security Supervisors / guards

For further details, please contact:    or

If your learning goal is to gain critical knowledge of individual concepts within a subject area, ICISSM Certificate courses are for you! If you are a working professional and hardly have time to attend regular classes for professional certifications, the certificate courses from ICISSM are for you!

Our Certificate courses, with an average completion time of 2-3 hours, help you focus your learning on distinct topics, to provide you with specific expertise in your field or industry. By concentrating your energy on singular concepts, the niche skills you gain could set you apart from the rest.

For continual professional growth and regular up-skilling, we provide you opportunity to modular learning e.i. you complete one set at a time and once all the sets of the module are completed you are awarded the Certificate. 

The certified Professionals from ICISSM will enjoy following benefits:-


  • Certification allows instant recognition in fraternity and by the peers. 

  • The certified personnel are made Life-time Members and are sent ICISSM monthly newsletters and are also inducted as members to our LinkedIn and Google Groups.

  • The Certificate Holders are also inducted as members in our WhatsApp and LinkedIn group – an exclusive group of select professionals.

  • We will keep on regularly sending information to our members on forthcoming conferences and seminars to encourage their participation for continual up-gradation of their knowledge and skills.

The certificate modules on offer presently are so designed that either you can pay for complete module, successfully pass it and get the certificate or alternatively you pay for one set at a time and pass them one by one and once you pass the last set, you get the certificate.

For more details on different modules and training syllabus, click below - 

Offer for Onsite Bespoke Training

On Line Certificate Course For
Certified Security Professional (CSP)

Enrolement Process

For further details, please contact:    or

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Leading security professionals are invited for candid discussion on varied subject of interest for security professionals across the world. As "give back to the society which has given so much name and fame", the expert speakers at the zenith of their professional careers, share their deep insight, knowledge and experience. 

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